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Inclusion & Equity Statement

The University Writing Center is committed to providing an equitable and accessible learning environment for the entire UCF community. We value the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of UCF students, faculty, and staff, and we recognize the ways that writing is inevitably intertwined with identities. Within the UWC—whether in online sessions, our campus offices, or events—we expect writers and staff to be respectful of each other regardless of individuals’ race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, national origin, religious beliefs, age, ability, and linguistic background. Individuals not adhering to this expectation may be asked to leave.

We also acknowledge that writing and literacy practices are tied to larger histories of subjugation, exclusion, and coercion that continue to privilege some identities, groups, and languages while marginalizing others. In alignment with UCF’s commitment to inclusive excellence, the UWC seeks to serve as a space for learning about, investigating, and challenging the ways writing and literacy practices are implicated in oppression in all its forms as well as fostering an equity-mindset in both writers and staff. This includes naming patterns of writing and literacy practices that reinforce existing systems of oppression, valuing linguistic diversity, reflecting on our own sources of privilege and positionality, reading scholarship from diverse authors, and engaging in ongoing social justice and diversity education.

We welcome your feedback and any input you would like to share with the UWC about accessibility, respect, inclusion, or related topics. You can contact us directly by emailing or giving us a call at 407-823-2197. If you’d prefer to send anonymous feedback directly to UWC administrators, you can do so via this form: